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Opening Up Overseas Markets and Marketing

Rational, traditional, Courtesy, and Cleanliness.

That should be the images for Japanese industrial products that people from outside of Japan picture.
We've focused more on the market for advanced automated parking system, and developed with the great technique called FA (Factory Automation) providing by Eito System Inc., our affiliated company.
We have been pursuing such objectives that meet global expectation, now we are pleased to introduce our " Perfect Parking System" to the competitive mechanical parking market in the world.


is the breakthrough to the new stage in this field.

Starting with a stacker type parking, we have developed a single-row puzzle system as well as a multiple puzzle system. We manufacture elevator sliding system and turn table on OEM basis.
In 2002, we succeeded in development and installation of world's first round-shaped underground parking system using the prefabricated cylinder system in Taiwan.
Then, we developed and distributed Japan's first round above-ground and fully-automated parking system.

To develop an overseas business

Targeted not only to the domestic but also to the international market.

Various approaches for sales can be conceivable. In a way to accomplish sales, the corporation with local manufacturers or general contractors may become necessary.
Our public-project-level presentation especially for the underground parking system can be a great solution to those traffic congestion problems and environment concerns that many center cities in the world are facing to today.
Since there have been built a lot of new buildings in the urban area in the U.S.A., and Canada to promote the revitalization of the area, we should be involved with this project at the very beginning to contribute and help the galvanize.

From my perspective, it's not so easy to build parking lots in the cities even where the places the parking space is indispensable the most because people from Europe seem to have difficulty changing their town scenery. Though, our parking systems only need a little courtyard for the entry/exit, and we can build underground typed parking system underneath. By this way, it is possible to remain the beautiful historical town scenery, and it can solve the traffic congestion problems simultaneously.
Also, most of public transportations in Europe tend to be in the underground like tube, and build parking lots near the stations in the suburb to let the users who live in suburb park their car at the station near their houses and take a train to get their office, called PARK & RIDE system.
In this case, we can also build our underground typed parking system in the suburb. Our project in Taipei, Taiwan back in 2002, was also brought in this PARK & RIDE system.

Sochi in Russia (which is famous as one of the foremost resort district along the Black seas in Russia, and also famous for President Putin's villa) shows us strong interest in our project for their landmark, and for the investment efficiency.

Now, one of our projects in Koshu, China, for underground type parking system has been in progress with support from the city government (by supplying the land and the idea of BOT system (:Built, Operation, Transfer)). Also, there must be lots of new projects are going on in the countries like Dubai and BRICs whose economy have been rapidly growing. If we have a chance to join these projects at the beginning, it's going to be a great promising.


To promote, establishing the cost accounting system is necessary.

In order to promote this system into market, it is important to establish cost accounting system to judge if it is feasible on a commercial base. Investment efficiency and business feasibility must be determined based on construction cost, operating cost, operation rate, profitability, depending on to each situation.
It's also important to make a plan involved the national city infrastructure, and it might help for easing traffic congestion and urban landscape planning. It should be considered as a national undertaking.

Nowadays, there have been moves to reconsider the enormously expensive public projects like central city revitalization project in Japan. Instead of the conventional idea of 'just digging a hole' and construct expensive underground parking, low cost, convenient, and high-security underground parking system is now catching more attention.

Faith... Needs, and possibility

Working on with a strong faith. Believing in its substantial need and possibility.

Here is my favorite quote.

"No organizational regeneration
no idustrial renaissance can take place
without individual acts of courage."

Harvey A. Hornstein

It would be a great honor for us that you share your ideas and arrange the project to fit your needs with us.
Thank you very much for your interest!

Hirotake Eizen

Eito&Global Inc., JAPAN
CEO Hirotake Eizen