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Would you be interested in selling this system by your branch offices abroad?
Would you be interested in forming a Joint Venture in overseas locations to install our systems ?
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For export, a reliable and fast transiting method has been established.
The system is manufactured and finally adjusted here at the "Eito & Global" plant , then it is disassembled and loaded on containers and is carried to the final destination, where it is readily assembled.


An elevator which is the main equipment can be shipped in two 40 feet containers. This is composed of elevator body, electric equipments for rolling up and down, control panel, operating panel, computer software, and other transmission and electrical equipments.


Installation shall be performed by local personnel under two supervisors from our company. (one mechanical and one software engineer). In this way, installation expenses will be saved considerably.


Two supervisors to be sent from our company and give training to the local staff for operation and maintenance.


We do collaborate with the local companies. By providing, training how to sales and maintenance to the local staff, they can take over all the management. And this could lead us to put more effort into promoting sales, and expanding the sales activities.


We export the other types of automated parking systems (stacker, puzzle system, elevator sliding system) other than the round shaped one.


"ROUND FULLY-AUTOMATED MECHANICAL PARKING SYSTEM" is the breakthrough to the new stage in this field.

The round cubicle structure was born with the concept of a parking system which is environmentally friendly and harmonious with people's living. It has realized the astounding low cost in construction and the highest efficiency in the use of land. To meet with overseas demands a speedy transportation method is established and a quick response for any types of inquiry is possible. Behind these technologies lies our company's long history in machine building. Our parent company, Eito System Co., Ltd. was founded in 1986. They have been working closely with the synthetic fiber industry in the area, which is one of largest in Japan, by producing labor saving factory automation machines. They are expanding application of their technology to film manufacturing industry and aero space industry. The quality of factory automation machines has led them to develop this system.

International Sales Network


Taiwan OOO Co., Ltd./ Segment Manufacturer
China: Hangzhou OOO Co., Ltd./ Steal Segment, Crane Manufacturer
*Material supplier
China: Chengdu OOO Corporation/ Can Manufacturing Industry
China: Shanghai OOO Co., Ltd. / Trading company, Real estate
China: Nanjing OOO Co., Ltd./ Manufacturer of machine tools, Real estate,Restaurant business
China: Dalian OOO Co., Ltd./ Trading, Real estate
Republic of Croatia OOO/ Trading firm
*General sales agent in Croatia
Republic of Bulgaria OO Agency / Advertising agency, Real estate, Restaurant business
*General Sales agent in Bulgaria
India OOO Group / Machine maker
「JV under consideration」
Russia OOO Co./ Consulting firm
*Sales agent in Russia
Vietnam(HCMC) OOO JSC/ Investing firm, Real estate
Mexico OOO de Mexico S.A/ Construction firm, Real estate
South Africa OOO SA Ltd. / Car park business, Construction firm, Real estate
*General sales agent in South Africa
Turkey: Istanbul OOO Ltd./ Contractor, Real estate
*General sales agent in Turkey
Brazil: Sao Paulo OOO Parking/ Car park business

How our reliable and fast exporting system works?

The system is under final adjustment at our factory before exporting

Unpacking 40ft containers at final destination

Installing and adjusting at the local site by our supervisors

Training how to operate and maintenance for the devices by our supervisors