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Sat, 1 May 2021

Looking for Developer & Investor for Building up Round Parking System

Our aim is to expand and build up our round automated parking systems in your city.
And as the first step, we are looking for the investor who is willing to set up a turnkey system as the showcase, which will be run by their operation & management the system in your city.

1)Who we are?

2)What can we do?

3)What’s our advantage?


1)Who we are?
Having developed various types of parking system until now, we are now concentrating our parking system on this Round Type. Behind these technologies lies our group company’s(EitoSystem co ltd) long history which is over 80 years in machine building as FA(Factory Automation) in Japan.

Simple outline of the latest version of our round shaped parking system(en Parking), the maximum capacity per system is 120 cars which with 12 floors(10 cars per floor). The dimension of each system is 19m-20m diameter/above type, about 350 sqm footprint area is needed to install one system. And our system can be installed into both above(30m height) and under(30m depth) the ground according to the client’s demand.

Our ‘Luxury Parking’ is a round shaped fully automated and using Japanese latest technology with a concept based on the idea of ‘harmony with modern architecture’. It’s completely different from those conventional parking lots in not only its appearance but in its features, advantages.

2)What can we do?
Characteristics of our “en Parking”:
•Efficient space utilization (up to 120 cars in 314m2)
•Expecting quick return on initial investment
•Low running cost
•Earthquake resistant
•It can be both underground and aboveground
•Harmonized with your town scenery

Looking for investor for building up our round automated parking system “en Parking” in your city.
Our aim is to expand and build up our parking systems in your city. And as the first step, we are looking for the investor who is willing to set up a turnkey system as the showcase, which will be run by their operation & management the system in your city.

-Our responsibility-
We engage in;
1.Original design of parking systems, production and export of robot portion (we will sell our robot from Japan).
2.Supervision and final check of construction.
3.We will train how to maintenance and will responsible our Guarantee for our robot portion.

-Requirements of investor-
1.We are willing to find a developer & investor who try to set up 1st system (pilot) in their territory by their own capital as prime contractor.
2.We would like them to understand value of our company and use it in starting their new business.

-Investor’s responsibility-
Investor will responsible for their implement the system by themselves and will get recover the investment from their revenue(income).

-Rough breakdown-
The turnkey cost for “Above-ground” system would be USD22,000/space to USD26,000/space = around USD2.7-3.2 million/one system/120-space (without tax).

1.Case study1, the model for hourly charge, parking fee is set at USD1.50 per hour for weekday and weekend.
2.Operating rate for this model is assumed to be 33%.
3.The financial evaluation of the model resulted in ROI at 22.1%.

Yes, we’d be interested in if the project is aim to build a stand-alone parking, and to hourly charge income management.
If the project is located at sites endowed with highly profitable productivity, such as sites in city centers or back sites of famous department stores, the investment will be recovered quickly in a short term. This kind of way to do a pilot project, we think it makes a sense.

An existing parking site(surface parking + hourly fees managing business) in the center of city is managing by someone private land owner/or city authority is great idea to approach which we believe.

3)What’s our advantage?
1. Stylish Design: Our system is unique Round type, has stylish design that matches to modern architecture.
2. Luxury Waiting Room: When you enter this refined waiting room as if you were at a hotel lobby. This is all for our customers to spend their wait time comfortably.
3. Entertainment: Cars are carrying in front of the customers, and enjoying to see these motions in the lobby.
4. Our robot portion can be installed into both aboveground and underground
5. Design for export & Transport friendly: No need to install sensors, electric devices, electrical wiring into every storage or into other steel frames. Our Main Robot is all-in-one system. The performance of robot is fully guaranteed by E&G to preserve the quality. Easy to export means easy to unpack and assemble in local.
6. Earthquake resistant: By design a cylindrical structure is unaffected by an earthquake’s seismic waves.

The one in our factory(demo unit & showroom) has 4-story which is now under operation. As for our parking system, you can see our movie from my Instagram as follows;

For more details, please contact us.